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Hello all,


When I took over the site last year I kept the program alive that allowed VR Forum members to upgrade to VIP members for a small donation. I would then take those donations and give them to a helicopter scholarship fund on behalf of the VR VIP forum members.


I recently donated $400.00 to the (HFI) Helicopter Foundation Intl Scholarship Fund on behalf of the VR VIP members.




Here is the "Thank You" Letter from HFI.



How to become a VIP Member


Thanks again VR VIP Members!!

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I noticed the VR scholarship at the general meeting, and it was acknowledged with the other fine sponsors. I was hoping to catch you and say howdy on the floor, but I never was able to. Anyways, I thought the scholarship honored the whole VR gang here, whether capable of donations or not. I've been impressed by your actions/committments in keeping VR the 'same ol site' but getting better, very much in line with what I would have expected Rey to do.


I will continue to donate (as able), and will be especially motivated to do so if this will continue to be an annual scholarship drive for HFI.


Continue the great work and I salute you with a virtual beer in hand & Semper Fi.








In response to the 'Criitical shortage' statement, Libby/HFI are probably as close to the crystal ball as anyone regarding the state of the industry (since she's been the HAI right hand for 22+ years)...and besides, if she didn't write it, there would be no money/aid flowing down to worthy recipients, both the ones who fly and the ones who keep them flying.

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Thanks for the kind words. I do intend on donating 100% of every $ that comes in through the donation process that we have in place for the foreseeable future. I also pitch in wha I can afford as well as I think it is a worthy cause.


Ps. I love your quote at the bottom of your posts. If we could only be so lucky!

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