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CJ Systems aviation

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I haven't been able to get on to the CJ systems website, can someone confirm the web address.


Also,can anyone tell me some of the operators in the North Florida and South Georgia area?


I have found some and I have seen some others but don't know whose helos they are.



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CJ Systems has been bought out by AirMethods. One of the local hospitals employs their pilots using AirMethods now, but all the pilots and their aircraft now say AirMethods. I asked the pilots and said they were bought out not too long ago. Although CJ Systems still exists until all the pilots are certified by AirMethods and the FAA. I didn't understand the process completely, but to answer your question simply, CJ Systems is now AirMethods, so I would refer to the AirMethods website, and that's why the CJ one does not work. I hope this helps! (My first post, sorry if it doesn't!)



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