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A few pics from my visit to Papillon Grand Caynon Helos

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Recently I went on "assignment" to Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters. I am writing several articles for Rotorcraft Professional Magazine and my websites which surround the Helicopter Tour Industry.


I thought I would share a little side gallery of a few pictures I took while out there. There is a slide show button on the left side, which seems to be the best way to view the gallery. A few nice pics of their new facility are in there.



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Great pictures, thanks for posting. Where is their new facility located?

Boulder City NV. About 30 minutes south of Vegas.

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That is a really cool looking operation they built. Makes all of those shacks we've all worked in looked pretty awful.


I hope the slow-down in Vegas hasn't killed the bottom line for them.


Wow- talk about Image. Those pix make every pilot and mechanic want to work there...and as a paying visitor, thats where I would want to fly out of!


I might go pay for a tour next time I'm in Vegas just to check it out for myself..


Love the built in scales..



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Thanks for the pics, Lyn.

Their new facility is absolutely beautiful. Having dealt with the tourist weight "fudge factor" (15-20lbs/person really adds up!) for both dogsled and helicopter tours, I LOVE THE BUILT IN SCALES!! Airlines need to step it up and get in on that action. Way to go Papillon for industry innovation...I like it!

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