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Guest Bart Colantuono

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Guest Bart Colantuono

Rotoronover Publishing announces the release of the suspence novel by Bart Colantuono--HELILOGGING IN A SUCKER HOLE.

This is an action packed thriller that puts you right in the cockpit. It's the story of Matt Stark, the pilot and owner of Bitterroot Helicopters, who relying on the advice of his dead mentor and with the help of his rogue crew of helicopter loggers and his myth-chasing mechanic, must battle eco-terrorism in order to save his company and himself. USA Today's bestselling author, David Hagberg says this..."When you pick up HELILOGGING IN A SUCKER HOLE, you'd better strap in, because you're going on one hell of a ride!"

Rotoronover Publishing is interested in publishing your helicopter fiction or non-fiction book. Visit us at

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