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Taking pics of heli flying from another heli

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A higher quality digital camera and a big lens helps a lot. It allows you to compose with the zoom, as much as with aircraft position.


Briefing the maneuvers with the crews and then just taking the pictures (as many as you can) to try to capture the right shot is your best bet. If you try and time the "perfect shot" you are likely to miss it.

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I will agree with the above.. If your using a nicer digital camera then make use of the autodrive. Take as many multipule shot as you can.


Your ultimate goal should be to aim for a long tele lens, Lowest ISO (film speed) you can go, with a Fast shutter speed (I wouldn't go less then about 1/500), and a fairly small Apature (Something around F16 or lower). Apature is not as important when shooting long distances as the shutter speed would be, since the shutter speed is what's going to be controlling the shake. If you need to increase the ISO to keep the shutter speed up, then do so, but be aware that the higher your ISO the lower quality and more "noise" your pictures are going to have.


Hope that helps.

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