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Question for CFI's


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Yes, student activity has dropped off. When the economy starts to slow and people lose or are worried about losing their jobs flight training gets put on hold. Combine that with the tough credit market limiting options for getting loans. The general level of calls and emails from prospective students has slowed quite a bit in the last six months. For the students who have the money to keep going or to start it works out well because there is a lot of available flight blocks.

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This time last year I had to stop at 8 hrs of instruction a day, today driving home with a 1.3 under my belt was a good day. Certainly not complaining, I have a paying helicopter job...

On a side note, I was hired by a company in the Gulf in December 2008. Last I heard from them they told me they couldn't tell me when I would start. Rough year for everyone. except rich people.

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