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is there any hope

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ok so ill be 31 in july just started the paper work to fill a bankruptcy changed career paths last year(but i did find a job in the avaition indestery painting parking spots for plains in new york,new jersey, boston and in other places). my question IS THERE ANY HOPE OF FINDING ANY FUNDING FOR HELO TRAINING? no kids no wife no life i just want to throw the rest of my life into doing what ive wanted to sence i was a kid. tryed to take the militery rought but was denied do to being a medical liability(darn dirtbikes). so i ask for any addvice or help.

thanks and keep your head up thats where the helis fly.

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Hi Heliswan,


Yes, you can do it! I'll quickly tell you my story: I had the passion to fly since I was a young kid. I started many years ago when I was 13 with no money or stable home. I had to live out of an old hangar while working/flying/going to school. I did everything from cleaning grease out of airport machines to fueling aircraft. By working in the industry (even as a grease boy), you learn about how the industry works and how to network with people within it (and how you can save a heck of a lot of money). It took many years of hard work and unwaivering dedication, but it worked. I am very happy to say I am now a Helicopter Flight/Instrument Instructor at Ace Pilot Training at Allentown Lehigh Int'l Airport in Eastern Pennsylvania. I fly great aircraft (Schweizer 300CBi's) and have 10 FAA Rating in my pocket so far. The moral: Make a plan and stick with it. Nothing is impossible.


You'll find funding through programs like Pilot Finance and some other ops. I never took loans, but I know many people that had success with those programs.


The key to this industry is thay you always must be learning. If you have a respectful and helpful attitude while keeping your ears and eyes open, people won't mind having you around. If you want to set your goal to become a pilot and then dedicate yourself to achieve it at any cost, it's possible. If you have the passion and the right attitude, anything is possible.


Look me up sometime and I'll be happy to show you the ropes.






p.s. Ace Pilot Training will be happy to help you find financing.

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I'm going to give a little bit different advice here. You are not going to be able to get a loan, in this economic climate, from Pilot Finance after you file bankruptcy. Your best option is to save and pay cash for flight training. Of course this is ALWAYS the best option. Taking on multiple tens of thousands of dollars of debt for a job that MIGHT pay enough to afford the payments in 3-5 years is not an option in my book.


If you are really serious about becoming a pilot then you can do it, and you don't need a loan.


Check out Dave Ramsey. He has helped my wife and I become debt free for the first time in our adult lives, and shown us how we can save more money than we ever thought possible. We payed off $17,000 of debt in 5 months using our existing income and by selling some of our *stuff*.

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Check out Dave Ramsey. He has helped my wife and I become debt free for the first time in our adult lives, and shown us how we can save more money than we ever thought possible. We payed off $17,000 of debt in 5 months using our existing income and by selling some of our *stuff*.


thanks for the info, i've always tried to keep baby step #1 in my account, i'll have enact the rest, great info

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Dude, I am not trying to be rude (I swear) but use a spell checker before you post on these forums. Fortunately, you have come across a forum that won't just bash you for it and they still gave you honest answers but you should work on your grammar.

It might help when it comes time ya know?

Again, not trying to be rude, just some "advice or help."


here's a jump start for ya

fill = file

indestery = industry

plains = planes

sence = since

tryed = tried

militery = military

rought = route

addvice = advice

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Heliswan, I think you should listen to PhotoFlyers advice, finance is going to be real difficult after a bankruptcy. You are in a better place now than many others. If you've got some work and are pulling in some cash then pay as you go. It may take a little longer but you'll come out the other end with no crazy overheads, and be able to get on with your life.


Ooh, and I agree with DynamicallyUnstable about the whole spell check thing. It makes for a much easier to read post.


Hey H/V(James), it looks like we're neighbors. Next time you're flying over Princeton way give me a shout and we'll BS a little.

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I hate to pile on, but with a bankruptcy and your language skills, nobody in their right mind is going to provide you with any money, especially considering that it will be years before you're even employable. Find a job if you can (these are very tough times, with millions of very competent workers being laid off) and be happy that you have one. Try to keep your head above water and keep out of debt. That's about the best you can hope for right now.

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Tough crowd!


Latest word I got is that Sallie Mae is officially OUT of the career training loan market. Between paying them back for the inital $20K I borrowed, moving and catching up on outstanding bills, I basically flip a coin every week to decide between crunchy or smooth peanut butter (there IS a price difference, you know) to be able to squeeze in a flight or two. And while that sucks and adds some strain/complexity to the career change profile, I've been in and around helos my entire life and know that for the most part it's just the time-honored way of making this happen.


After a bankruptcy you're going to be screwed when trying to take out a loan. Remember basic budgeting, where the advice is to pay yourself first? Consider flight time part of your pay - sell everything that isn't bolted down, live as cheap as you can afford to, and don't get tangled up with a woman until you're done with your training.


If ever.

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My 2 Cents, you have already filed for bankruptcy if you spend 60K on helo flight training and then can't find a CFI position you will be in even worse shape. Thats where a lot of pilots are right now, it is a very tough job market. Find any job that pays the bills. Go to school at night or learn a trade. Fly for fun on the weekends when you are in a position to be able to afford to. Good luck. You have a fresh start, don't ruin it.

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Thanks to everyone for the criticism and advice on my situation. The old bk is not the rout i want to take but lawsuits from the mean credit card people and loss of the great construction job thanks to the market leave me no choice. So thanks again to all (n look i learnded hows ta used da spell chaker! thanks).

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