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제발 이러 지마 만지거나 문 언제 착륙


So, I looked at this for about 20 mins trying to figure out what your trying to say, and I think I got it.


So really, you should probably pull the dead fish out from under the cyclic controls, because eventually the Kangaroo that is setting left seat is going to get hungry. Not to mention the fact that the fish is eventually going to smell, and could possibly get in the way of the controls and cause a problem. Now as for the monkey dangling from the Rotor head.. I would suggest running the RPM's up as high as possible to see if he can hold on. If he is still there might I suggest throwing a bannana out the door, while flying of course because you don't want to throw it out the door, and then slip on it when you go to get out later. Make sure you re-check those safety ties on the pitch links of the rotor head, I hear those dang monkeys can get almost anything apart these days, and quick. And for the last part. I'm not exactly sure what type of Heli your flying, so that's really model dependent, but if it's something like a 206 or the like, the poor little guy turning the engine over can only last so long. I would suggest explaining to him that you are going to be flying twords the end of the rainbow, and he can have his pot'o'gold back when his job is done, as long as he has a replacement available for when you get there, because of course you want to come back from the end of the rainbow, that is of course if you get some of that pot'o'gold otherwise you wouldn't be able to finish your flight training.


Just my 2 cents...




Ok, so I tried a couple different Korean to English translators and here is what I came up with.

"Please don't this door, or landing at anytime"

"This [le] will fall touches please, or, bites landing"


So this is all I have to say back.


나의 헬기는 더 크다 그 후에 당신의 헬기

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