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From zero-CFII

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26mo and 240TT later....I am holding my temp CFII certificate!


Thanks y'all! :D





Wow..blown away....My, how time flies!



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Thanks everyone!


I had a great experience in school, I trained at Northwest at BFI in Seattle and have nothing but praise for the entire operation. Classic is next door and they are fantastic too. Weather and airspace are a big deal here so it's a great learning environment, with mountains and water everwhere so plenty of geography to practice with. Great instructors, immaculate aircraft, and high standards all around.


Ichiro was great. On 4 out of 5 checkrides (did my CFI elsewhere because he was away in Japan at the time) he was nothing but patient, kind, and totally fair. Definitely not a gimme and who doesn't come out of a checkride wishing they had studied one thing or another a little bit more closely?! An Ichi checkride is definitely a BFI rite of passage! :P


Yes, now on to the real learning! :D



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Congrats! I remember when I finished my training. I felt like a big weight off my shoulders but knew it was just the begining. It's really a never ending learning process. Hope you got a job.



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