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Saw this on Craigslist

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It almost looks like one of those Nigerian scams, except they are not asking for money. Why would a real company ask for an A/P on craigs lists? It doesn't even say what kind of experience they want. Working on a 152 or a 777? R22 or S92?


Are you applying?

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It's a legit job opening - the company is Sierra Nevada Corp. (www.sncorp.com), but not only does craigslist seem like an odd place to advertise, why the Minneapolis craigslist, of all places, if the job is in NM? I note that the listing isn't posted on the Denver or Albuquerque craigslist. Go figure... :blink:

And I may be wrong, but doesn't the DoD operate just about every kind of aircraft imaginable? I agree, you'd think they'd be a bit more specific.

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