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Medicals and the MedXPress web site

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It is a new thing. They(FAA and Med Examiners) are starting to send all the applications electronicaly unless there are hard copies of your medical records that need to be sent down.


I tried to do it that way last time but the AME couldn't get it to work. I was the first person to try it that way at their office.



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I got the option to do it this way or the "Old school" way last time I got my medical. I opted for old school only because I was already at the office and waiting, but from what I hear, most AME are all going to this. It does make sense, and only seems like it should be eaiser, but now there is the word "should" huh... Just like the last time I got a certificate and tried ICARA, "should" have been eaiser, but ended up having to put off the checkride a couple days because ICARA didn't have my test scores in there.

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