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CFI training options in a 300

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Looking to finish my CFI training in a short amount of time and need some options. Experiencing "technical difficulties" with my current school and need an option where I can come in and show what I can do and knock out the full downs in a 300. Would also like an examiner available at the school. Any suggestions? Looking to complete the training in less than a week.


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With appropriate notice, you can give Civic Helicopters in Carlsbad, Ca a call.... Excellent ships, top notch instructor, fair but thorough examiner

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While everyone plugs their respective alma mater or current place of employment...Keep in mind--unless your a cfi in another category already--you dont pick the DPE or PE for your CFI checkride, the FAA assigns one after your instructor requests a checkride- you'd have to find an unscrupulous school that will promise to get you your cfi and basically reccomend you for a checkride sight unseen to get it done that quickly. You may be able to impress them with your skills in under week but its going to take longer to do it right. (employers will wonder how you switched schools and finished your cfi in under a week if you pull it off...I certainly would)


Also expect to run into the fact that most of the Schweizer operators out there have the same insurance which requires a pilot to have 10 hours of dual before they can solo(checkride included) unless they are a graduate of that company's ground and flight school.


Can you explain "technical difficulties" while remaining anonymous?? Maybe someone could suggest a better alternative??

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