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Need Money to Fly? Whirlygirls offers scholarship money.


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Need Money to Fly?


In today’s aviation industry, it is financially difficult to fund advancement in the helicopter industry. However, there are opportunities out there. These opportunities can be found through the Whirly-Girls Organization. The Whirly-Girls Organization is a non-profit organization of International Female Helicopter Pilots. The organization is a charitable organization that is dedicated to advancing women in helicopter aviation through the industry’s largest pool of annual scholarships, while providing women helicopter pilots a forum for the exchange of information and opportunities. Each year, the Whirly-Girls Organization attends the HAI conference and awards these scholarships annually.


So girls, get your pencils sharpened! It is that time of year to apply for Whirly-Girls Scholarships. The Whirly-Girls Organization has put together several scholarships this year for Whirly-Girls members in good standing, minimum of one-year membership, as well as for non-Whirly-Girls members rated in anything other than a helicopter. The opportunity for scholarships has drastically increased from previous years. Scholarships are constantly changing and/or being added. Scholarships are very diverse from the Whirly-Girls Helicopter Add-on Fight Training Scholarship, which provides $6,000 to assist a certificated female pilot who does not currently have a helicopter rating in earning her add-on helicopter rating to a Bell Helicopter Flight Training Scholarship, which gives the opportunity to attend the Bell 206 Turbine Transition Course at the Bell Helicopter Training Academy in Fort Worth, TX, USA. These are just a couple examples of what the Whirly-Girls Organization has to offer.


Therefore ladies, START the applications process. Applications and scholarship descriptions can be found on the Whirly-Girls website www.whirlygirls.org under scholarships. Applications need to be post marked by October 1, 2009. Do not wait until the last minute to apply! You can definitely apply for more then one scholarship. It will increase your chances of receiving a flight training scholarship. Each scholarship that you apply for requires its own copy of a scholarship application. Last, but not least, continue to check the scholarship website for new and upcoming scholarships. Apply and spread the word! It is FREE money, which means FREE flight time!


Membership is also open to all women around the world who are rated helicopter pilots. So if you are not a member yet, sign up! After you are a member for one year, you can apply for these Whirly-Girls Scholarships too! The Whirly-Girls Organization is also open to anyone, both males and females that do not hold a helicopter certificate, interested in helping out with the organization, which are called “Auxiliary Members”. If interested in becoming a member, please refer to our website.


If not interested in becoming a member, we are always looking for sponsors to help us raise money for scholarships to give out to women in aviation interested in the advancement of the helicopter industry.


Pamela Gallina, VP Scholarship WGVPscholarships@whirlygirls.org


Janice Cuneo, Scholarship Director WGscholarshipdirector1@whirlygirls.org


Patricia Calder, Scholarship Director WGscholarshipdirector2@whirlygirls.org


Teresa Quinliven, Scholarship Director WGscholarshipdirector3@whirlygirls.org

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