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Coast to Coast World Record Flight

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Hey guys!


I just wanted to post an opportunity for my flight schools next coast to coast world record flight scheduled for July. There are two seats open. You will be paying 10k a piece to be a part of the team and we plan to build about 70 hours. It's a good opportunity to build up hours and experience in navigation and just some good ol' fun. It would be nice to be a world record holder in the industry we all love B)


My current instructor wanted me to do some recruiting for him, so if you are interested let me know and I can provide you with more specific information on the flight plan, exact date of departure, ect.


edit: I should probably note that it is a coast to coast speed record. haha.


Here is the school's website: www.usaacademy.com


Cheers and safe flying!


Josh Royse

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[quote name=joshroyse.com' post='82495' date='Jun 15 2009, 08:58 '


Here is the school's website:www.usaacademy.com


Just so you get some hits, I turned it into a link for you....Here is the school's website: http://www.usaacademy.com

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These guys actualy made a stop at Yuma International Airport. I happened to be working that day. They wasted no time there as they were in a time crunch to beat the marine layer in San Diego.



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Thanks Goldy!


You are incredibly helpful, I really appreciate it. Anyone interested just let me know :)

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It sounds slightly expensive to me too. I am actually working with Johan Nurmi on reducing the price. It is in the R44 (but hey we get NVG experience too). He will likely reduce the price as much as possible in view of the economic recession. I'll calculate the estimated fuel cost since I have the route on hand and then I will ask him to lower the price as much as I can according to that fuel cost.


I'll keep you updated.

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