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We should take sailboats to visit Hawaii, how much tax revenue would exist to support local environmental projects? How do Sierra Club members get to Hawaii to protest?



New York Times


Ideas & Trends: Liberal Transit



...Then there's the criticism of the rich environmentalist who flies in a private jet to Sierra Club fund-raisers. A midsize Gulfstream 200 uses from 1,200 to 1,500 gallons of fuel for a cross-country flight, so if it holds four people, giving them the chance to stretch out on the leather sofas, each person would use about 350 gallons of fuel. That's 10 times the amount of fuel used per person by 130 passengers flying coast to coast on a Boeing 737-300.


It's also nearly the equivalent of driving a Hummer cross country, twice. Mr. Burkle's 767, if it carries eight people across the continent, would each use 1,000 gallons of fuel, enough for eight Hummer trips from southern Brazil to Dearborn, Mich

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Wow the way those articles are worded, the helicopter tour operators are "at war" with them. It's amazing how a zealot can word their documents. We do need to realize that these people are professionals in arguing their point and somehow obtaining supporting documentation for their argument of how we are "attacking" the land. Very scary stuff if they manage to have any more influence.

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"They operate through a shaky legal loophole that is propped open by a special interest lobby"



Geez, Ive read this three times and followed the links to HAI....whats the "shaky legal loophole" that we are all exploiting?


Not that I would want to change anything, but if I'm taking advantage of something, I should at least know what it is !!



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