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Comparative scores and WOFT qualifications.

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I don't know if this is going to be too personal, but I'll go for it anyways. I was hoping that I can get some of you Army aviators or those of you who have been selected for WOFT already to post your asvab and afast scores and maybe a brief example of your LOR's and qualifications.

My test scores:


AFAST: 136


GT: 116

No college degree however I do have a PPL in rotorcraft already.


I just want to see what the average selected person's qualifications were to compare to the packet that I am producing at the moment and make sure that I am at least remotely qualified.





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AFAST and GT are fine, the ASVAB score doesn't mean anything for the process. Comparing yourself to others is not a healthy way to go through life, much less complete a packet that is about selling yourself (not in comparison to others) and what you have to bring to the group.

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Hey Linc, you're right. I think I am getting too caught up into wanting to be as competitive as possible. It is just in my nature. Thanks for the post...I always appreciate your input.



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