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Life Insurance for Pilots


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I have two different life insurance policies for my family; however, neither one pays the full amount if I'm the pilot or member of the crew.  In fact, if you don't have 1000 hours of flight time, many insurance policies don't pay at all!


If I buy the farm while flying, I'd hate to leave my family behind with nothing to fall back on.  Since I already have adequate insurance outside of aviation, can you recommend life insurance policies for low-time pilots?


Thanks in advance,


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MidwestHelicopter I took the recomendation of Stoodent and went with Piclife.  I recieved a quote and have since had several conversations with one of the agents and have had no trouble with the spam.  Of course its hard to tell with all the other garbagge that gets sent to me everyday.  However, no insurance stuff as yet.
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Aopa - for all their fixed wingedness - Is an organization that has uncountable benefits for pilots of all makes and models. my instuctor encouraged me to join as soon as i started. It was the cheapest and best add on to my life insurance that I could find - especially if you take advantage of the special offer you get right after you join. plus you get all kinds of other little perks and bene's including a great weather sight.
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Here are the AOPA Exclusions for  AD&D


Death or dismemberment by accidental injury as used in this certificate means that your death or dismemberment results directly and independently of all other causes from an accidental drowning or from an accidental injury which was unintended, unexpected, and unforeseen and which was sustained by you while:


as a passenger or pilot (including a crew member or student pilot) in, on, boarding, getting off of, operating or handling any aircraft; or

at an airport in connection with a flight covered under part (1) above, but only if such injury is a direct result of being run down or struck by an aircraft or the moving propeller of any aircraft; or

making a forced parachute jump or awaiting rescue at a place of forced landing, on land or water, occurring during a flight covered under part (1) above, but only if such death or injuries are a direct result of said parachute jump or forced landing.

Your death or dismemberment must occur within 180 days after the date of the injury. In no event will we pay the accidental death or dismemberment benefit when your death or dismemberment results from or is caused directly or indirectly by any of the following:


suicide whether sane or insane;

intentionally self-inflicted injury;

travel or flight in or on, or descent from or with:

a military aircraft (except military aircraft with a civil air-worthiness certificate in the normal or utility category in civil use pursuant to the category rating at the time of the accident), an amateur built rotorcraft, an amateur built fixed wing aircraft which is subject to area restrictions imposed by a governmental authority, rocket-powered aircraft, an ultralight, a hang glider, a kite, or a parachute (except a forced jump) or an aircraft not certified by a governmental authority; or

an aircraft being used for or in connection with seeding, dusting, spraying, carrying sling loads, firefighting, flight in or rehearsal/practice for an airshow involving aerobatic or formation flight, or hunting, herding or spotting of animals, birds or fish, or is being test-flown for the purpose of certification or determination of airworthiness; or

an aircraft engaged in closed course racing or in practicing or qualifying for the same.

operating an approved aircraft without a current pilot's medical certificate

commission of a felony

bodily or mental infirmity, illness or disease



There are different cost levels, not sure if they have to do with your hours or ratings though, just the amount of coverage.


The renters insurance offered through AOPA only pertains to fixed-wing aircraft.

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