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FAA Special Airworthiness R-44 II

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If vapor formation is suspected, we recommend that you decrease altitude...


Decrease altitude? What good will that do? As far as I am aware a lower altitude will only expose you to higher temperatures. Unless, of course, you are flying above a temperature inversion. Does anybody actually read these things before they are published? If you suspect vapor formation, and the possibility of vapor lock, land. Period.


P.S. Before anybody says it, unless you're several thousand feet AGL with a 100+ temp the air pressure change vs. air temp change isn't going to make that big of a difference.

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first, i am still asleep so don't pay attention to this post.


second, man does a 44 have TONS of power at sea level.. you guys flying there are so lucky.


third, we flew at around 8k going and coming due to the temps; in the cockpit and for the engine. when we landed in Poteau Oklahoma the temp was 101F. felt like the heat hit us like a baseball bat. we knew about the notices from Robbie about the vapor lock and went to altitude quickly. it was a little odd, the oil temp went up just a little, but the cyl head temp dropped considerably at altitude.


more on the trip when i wake up.



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Could be...I lost count... :lol:


Well, if you had taken a 300 to Oklahoma instead of a 44, you'd still be flying instead of being asleep in your bed !!

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That one came out a last year too. Apparently in response to a ferry flight that mysteriously lost power in high temperatures. No love for the R44??? I am a 300 pilot and I like it. I think that stems from the conveinience of a governor and the fact that it is a lot faster. It autos nice too!

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