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informations about allison 250 C-18 / C-20 engine

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my name is steffen. i`m from germany and i am searching for informations about the allison 250 C-18 or/and C-20 engines.

does anybody have informations like repair-instructions, technical documents, drawings and so forth?

i have browsed the whole internet but i only found a few pictures and some videos. but i need real technical informations about these helicopter engines.


where can i get such informations?



thanks and sorry for my bad english :-)


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I asked around and searched forever for information on the Allison C-20B engine and the Jetranger. All I came up with is that it comes from Bell. And can you buy it? No. You have to go to Bell school. Fortunately, I came across a manual that came from the school. See if you can find someone who went and will rent it out to you for, oh, 200 bucks or so. They are very precious!! Good luck!

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I have some information on the 20B, but it's nothing real technical. It's just a powerpoint I've put together for my students. It has simple things like how it works, limitations, etc... If you want that then please send me a pm with your email and I'll send it away.

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I like to know only the technical things...like assembling, datas etc.

I´m an engineering student and i`m very interessted in such things. not only helicopter engines...also car engines etc.




Thanks. You have a pm...

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Hi Turbine man,


I am built a replica of Allison Turbine for explain at students the mechanism of it. If you can give me details about it ( size positions and name of different parts ), I will be very glad.


I built a Bell206 for pleasure with out business and want to have a Allison model for explain the gauges of board in simulator.


For information, I know nothing in motors and begin to learn it.

You can see my turbine in built here:




And my simulator here :




Thanks to you very much if you can help me




Bruno LEGER / Nonolight

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