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Amazing flying week

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I just had one of the best flying weeks I could imagine. Got my first 12.7 hours of flight instruction after finally getting CFI'ed this spring. Thanks to Jon and Kevin as my first students. Jon is a high time commercial fixed wing pilot who did the conversion including CFI in a R22 and wanted some time in the 300 before instructing in type.


Kevin had one previous intro flight. We flew 8 hours in 3 days and he progressed to all the manuevers up to intro to upper air auto's. Amazing to see someone progress so fast. He had the hover immediately and by the end of the 3 days was doing slope landings! His upper air work is almost to the commercial standard. Kevin and I spent weeks before on ground work and did some instruction on the MS flightsim. He spent many hours learning to fly on the computer and it really payed off.


I'm working as a glider pilot in Pemberton and the conditions have been excellent for high long flights. One passenger took great photos on a 3 hours 120 km cross country trip which show the mountain in the Whistler/Pemberton BC area. Link posted below. Hit slideshow and full screen to see the view from 12500' if you've got a few spare minutes.






Also did my first power airplane landings and take offs and several after work power flights around the local mountains.


What a week... over 30 hours in 3 kinds of aircraft. So stoked had to share.

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