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Two crashes...same airport...minutes apart...


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Heh... You would think the instructor rather than the student pilot would have been injured if the helicopter flipped on the left side with no visable damage on the right. Maybe they mean student (i.e. someone going for their CFI) rather than student pilot (pre-private). I get concerned with things that don't matter in any way when I'm tired...


What a coincidence though....



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Yes, N211SH is East Coast's R22.




Anyone else notice this was out in a field? Hmmm, uneven dirt often makes for bad hovering practice for newbies, and occasionally even makes things go bump for the more experienced.



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Here's a link...

Live ATC


I've never had a problem teaching hovering over grass. Pretty sure that area between the taxiways is well groomed. I'm thinking the wind was 13 gusting to 19, less than ideal for sure plus the possible distraction from all the activity...they were hovering in the same area (approach end of 29) where that plane went disabled.


But I wasn't there so who knows...glad they're okay.

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