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Rental Currency Checkout

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Little background, I am relatively new private pilotand have flown maybe 5 hours since my checkride. Anywho all of those hours were within a couple weeks of gettinh my private, basically my flight school that I rent from requires a flight within the last 60 days with an instructor in order to rent with them. So tomorrow I have a flight with an instructor I have never flown with to regain my renters currency...


Now to my question, what should I expect in this flight, obviously I am going to brush up on emergency procedures but should I come in with a flight plan? For the instructors, what would you be expecting from a student in my situation?


The reason I asked is because I would also like the instructor to help me through some controlled air space situations, specifically to fly over seattle akak bravo airspace! Thanks for all your help, fly safe.

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Best thing is to ask the school directly. I doubt they'll want to see a flight plan. We do the 60 day currency thing here also, but we just require our renters to keep themselves current with 3 takeoffs and landings around the pattern every 60 days and a flight review once a year(which is required by the FAA anyway for the R22/R44 and pilots under 200 hours rotorcraft).


I would go into them tomorrow with a view to doing everything the instructor wants to work on. Then ask them to also do the Bravo airspace thing on top of all that. The school is more concerned with you being a safe pilot on the controls than how well you handle yourself in Bravo. That said, I doubt any instructor will turn down your request for some Bravo practice if they have the time on his/her hands and the ship is available.

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