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xcntry poem

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So, I was up kinda late last night stressing over my first solo xcounty I was supposed to do today. Looking at the weather forcasts, double checking my flight plan, remathing my w/b. Way more nervous than I needed to be...

IMing on the side to a friend. She sends me this poem that she made up on the spot.


it's getting late you silly fool,

time to hit the sack and dream of heli school

for if you don't get your rest

you will bomb your landing and fail your distance test


Needless to say, I got quite the kick out of it. Really took the edge off for me. Thought some of you might like it as well.


Anybody else have any original works?


Oh, and I showed gravity who was boss... (just don't listen to liveatc, still a little goofy on radio sometimes)

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