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Hey just thought that I would share this link. Last Oct. DIY Network came to Midwest Helicopter and wanted to do a half hour show on us. I original air date was in april, but it just was posted on their site. Hope you all enjoy. (P.S. yea there was alot of added drama, cant help that




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sikorskypilot -


After picking up (excuse the pun) you're with Midwest, any opportunities to work/fly with Desiree/Chopperchick? I figure the op tempo has everybody going all over the 40 acres, but she'd said to be loving the VR work...just hoping to get back to some fires tho.



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Thanks all for your post. Glad you liked it. It was fun to do, but man was I glad to see the cameras leave. There is about 10 hours of footage that they never used. But oh well. AROTRHD, Yea I work with Desiree. She is a good vr pilot, and we are glad to have here. All we have to do now is break here west coast habbits. JK. She is taking all my hours away, lol. I have Midwest to thank for training me to do this work. I was just a little R22 guy and rigger before they took me under their wing.


And yea I just found out that there were 2 engines driving the props. LOL.

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