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R44 transition syllabus

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Hey all, we are working on a syllabus for our r44 transition course and would like to make it a really good one. are there any out there that you know of that we can use to compare to ours, we don't want to leave anything out...


any input would be appreciated.





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Dennis, funny you should ask as I have a Part 135, Robinson R-44 Initial Aircraft Training, Approved Ground & Flight Training Curriculum that I wrote and just gathered up for you the other day. I also have the Recurrent Curriculum plus a lot of 135 materials for you plus Haz Mats, Emerg. Training, forms etc. Send me an e-mail of where you want it sent and I will UPS it to you in 3 ring binder. This should WOW you guys. Further info via e-mail or phone please, Mike

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Jaredsega, why does a transition course into a any aircraft sound like a joke to you? I have been to Robinson, Bell and Eurocopter on every model I fly and recurrent training annually on present model flown. It sounds safe and professional to me. Plus for Air Taxi PIC qualification, it is required! So what is the joke?

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I could see a transition for the R44, but I don't know why you would want to transition to a "hole". Maybe it's just me. ;)


Yeah buddy, its just you !


Jared-If you want to go fly a 44 around town without a very complete understanding of its strengths and weaknesses, then please....sign here so I can take out an insurance policy and be your beneficiary.


Or you can just search the NTSB website and look at the 100 or so dead people that thought the same thing.



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