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CFII with a R22 Beta II


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What I have done personally is gathered a list of as many flight schools as I could get and just started calling and mailing out a bombardment of resumes.


But just start calling around, make an afternoon out of it. Some places say they dont want you to call them, but I have yet to find sombody to actually tell me that. I have come across places hiring CFIIs but some of them also want R-44 time as well, but not all of them. As far as specific schools hiring, try some of the schools in Texas...you can call the big ones like Summit and SKY, but whenever I call them they arent hiring. But the smaller ones that dont advertise as much have had some openings for CFIIs, and I dont have that rating yet. Also try Iowa Helicopter if you havent already, I went to an interview for them several months ago. I didnt get the job but the owner of the place is a nice guy and they seem to be hiring more often than others.


Well, I hope this helps you out a little bit, hopefully I didnt write a bunch of stuff you have already heard. Good luck with your job hunt!

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