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Need My Army Flight Hours

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Greetings all,


I attended WOFT in '90-'91 and (like everyone those days) flew the UH-1H from IERW through the completion of instruments. I then tracked Scouts, flying OH-58A/C to the end of flight school. This was about the time the first Gulf War started and someone somewhere figured they'd probably kill a lot of Chinook pilots in the desert. As a result of this incorrect assumption they took my whole scout class (except for the two NG guys who went on to Apaches) and sent us to the CH-47D transition. Fun bird. Bigger than the 58. Need a bigger tree to hide it behind.


After finishing the 47 transition I was sent to my first duty station at Ft. Bragg (Simmons AAF) where I remained for the rest of my active duty service. Our helicopters were really chewed up after the desert and flight time was minimal (and less... waiver after waiver.) I got more simulator time than flight time and we had to go TDY to either Rucker or Campbell to use their sims.


I got out and did nothing aviation related until now. I was smart enough to get my FAA tickets for Commercial, Instrument Rotorywing and Over 12,500lbs. right after flight school. What I need now is TIME.


Does any one know how to get copies of the flight time I accrued while on active duty? There was some good stuff there. Instument time, NVGs, sling loads, long line, etc. I'd really like to get my logbooks TRULY accurate (meaning: include the stuff I did back then.)


Big thanks to any who can help. Phone numbers and names would be particularly helpful. Please feel free to email me directly with anything you don't want to post publicly.


Thanks again,


Santa Rita, Guam

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You need to determine where your records were sent. Flight records, particularly your individual flight record folder is part of your service record. Chances are that your record is at one of the records centers, if not the archive. Might want to work this through the VA to get some help locating your information.

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Thanks for the heading, Linc. I'll see if I can make any headway in that direction.


To update... I made another pass through Boxland and found my flight hour records from flight school and my 47 transition. That's the vast majority of my flight time (sadly).


Everything I got after school, which will be in the single or low double digits, will all be CH-47D and maybe another 20 hrs. in the FS. It'd probably be worth the work to get those hours in my logbook. Hope I can find 'em.

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Sorry, priologpriolo. For some reason, when I replied to Linc, I didn't see your post. Don't know why I wouldn't have seen it. Weird.


Anyway, thanks for your info. too. Very helpful. That'll give me a form to dig for when the digging gets deep.



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