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Flight Condition TR?

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I've recently returned to aviation after a long (17 year) hiatus and am working on putting together my logbook. All my flight time to date has been in Army helicopters so I'm transposing all my military flight time over to my civilian log book.


Most of it is pretty straight forward. The only thing I'm having a problem with is this one acronym that I probably once knew and have now forgotten. In both OH-58A/C and CH-47D, I got flight time in a flight condition labeled TR. I don't know if it means anything but I did not get any TR time in UH-1H.


I've googled and found all the other flight conditions (D, N, NG, DG, etc.) but no joy on the ol' TR.





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DA Form 2408 Flight Condition Symbols:


AA - Air to Air

D - Day

DG - Day Goggles

DS - Day Flight Using Night Systems

H - Hood

N - Night

NG - Night Goggles

NS - Night Systems

TR - Terrain

W - Weather

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TR = Terrain... That makes sense.


I had no NOE time in Hueys since all I did in those was IERW and Instruments. We didn't do any NOE stuff until we tracked into our final birds. We did a lot of NOE in scouts.


I also did some in the Chinook transition. We didn't get to fly as low in them, though. ;)


It makes sense that they would track that. As I recall, NOE time, like NG time, was was all part of RL stuff. IE, you couldn't be fully mission ready if you hadn't flown low in a long time.


I will probably track my TR time in some form. I honestly don't know what value it will have and like Gomer said, I've never seen any call for it in any job announcements. I'll still track it. You never know.


Thanks for the responses and research guys!



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TR / Terrain Flight is an admin term. NOE certainly is a form of terrain flight, but not the only form (contour and low-level are the others).


Personally, I never kept track of it when I was in the military - and I still don't.


Glennahall - I was multi-track Aeroscout too. Class 89-02.

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