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Summit visits Denver once again!!

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Hey, guess who was in Denver today?!? We were at Elite visiting Rob and Clay (Clay btw was on a long cross country in Air Cam's twin star so he should have some photos too!!) and one of Summit's R44's stopped in to dodge some weather (a wise choice). We got to spend some time with the guys and talk about flying together this weekend. They will be at KBJC for the week and we'll get more photos in the foothills as a flight of two!


There are more photos on our Heli-Ops facebook page, and i'll keep posting them as we grow;







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Thanks for the pictures, it is pretty cool to see the helicopter up there flying around like that. :)


You should have asked for a ride, I'm sure you could have talked Josh into taking you flying. A cheeseburger probably would have done it. ;)

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