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WOFT, and the class 1a flight physical

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hey guys I am currently talking to the local army recruiter about joining.


I was sent to MEPS and they told me I had psoriasis, I had always thought it was dry skin.


My recruiter is waiting on the waiver to return, but thinks it should go through just fine because of my test scores

AFQT - 99

GT - 138

GM - 155

EL - 154

CL - 143

MM - 159

SC - 152

CO - 154

FA - 153

OF - 154

ST - 149


My long term goal is piloting heli's... and to that end I am looking into WOFT first and foremost.

one of my questions is how will the psoriasis at entry affect the class 1a flight physical. It is clearing up now and will be completely gone within the month probably.


second question is If i can't get selected into woft from civilian, do I have to enlist in a heli specific MOS (like 15R, 15X, 94K, 15T, 15U, 15J, 15S) to get picked up from active duty.


if psoriasis is a problem with the flight physical, will the entry waiver cover it or is it a second seperate waiver.



Thanks for taking the time to read my question guys :)

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Shouldn't be a problem, although when you go for your class 1 physical, it will probably need another waiver, but whatever.


No, you don't NEED to enlist into an aviation MOS if you want to go that way, however, and i'm sure most will agree with me, it makes the most sense. You will be around the pilots/aircrews with an Aviation MOS.





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I got in the Army on a medical waiver too. Mine was for childhood asthma though and I was not able to fly initially because of it. I still wanted to get in so I joined an MOS that I thought I would enjoy if I wasn't able to get into aviation. I worked in MI. Once I applied from within the Army, I didn't have much problem getting in. They only asked me a few questions about the asthma to see if it still affects me. I don't know if the psoriasis will be the same but that's how it worked for me. As far as the MOS goes, I definitely think it would have been easier if I had joined in an MOS where I was around aviation. The process for me to get a recommendation was a little tough as I didn't know any aviators. Also, the prior crew chiefs here at Ft. Rucker seem to have an easier time learning systems. The counter to that though is that I loved my job. Had I not gotten accepted, there were plenty of places it could have taken me that I would enjoy doing. It's a personal choice really. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. Good luck.



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Like the others said, getting into an MOS that is aviation related has significant benefits if your goal is to go WOFT. It can be done from other areas within the system but I believe it is easier from within aviation from what I've picked up anecdotal


All this assumes you don't get it going right in, of course let's hope you do.


Something to think about... If you go the aircrew/repairman route, you will undoubtedly learn a great deal of very valuable information. It will make you a better pilot. If you can GET YOUR A&P while doing that kind of work. You might just be a shoe in for a great Maintenance Test Pilot slot down the road. If you decide to get out and you got that A&P and succeed in getting that cockpit you wanted too and then decide to get out, you'll be cool for taking care of your own birds or grabbing at one of those Pilot/Mechanic gigs.


If the military decides that your too itchy to be a pilot (literally) and you still go the aviation mech. route. You will still be able to fly on the outside. Get every mech. cert under the sun on Uncle Sam's dime and then get a job with a flight school and talk them into letting you have training and time as part of your package, maybe.


All kinds of possibilities.



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