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Im hoping to start flight training sometime early next year. When I went to the school for the first time to check it the flight instructor that showed me around seemed really cool. I was wondering what a good flight instructor should be like???

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well, to me a good flight instructor should be inspiring. If I were to go to any "school" to be instructed in anything, I would want to learn from somebody who inspires me in that subject.... not just somebody that can teach me...although that is important as well.

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Here are a few things that come to mind quickly...


I agree that a great instructor (teacher) is inspiring. They should be able to make you want to be better, smarter, more, etc.


A great CFI/II should DO the following:


Show you your strengths. So you can leverage them.

Show you your weaknesses. So you can get stronger there (so you don't die.)

Respect you. You are a person, not just more hours.

Want you to be a great pilot.

Teach more than just what the curriculum says he has to. Not stuff you shouldn't do but MORE on what you should.


A great CFI/II should NOT do the following:


Milk you.

Make it too easy to baby you.

Make it too hard because they want to (or they had a hard IP or whatever.)

Cookie cutter you. No two student pilots need exactly the same thing at the same hours everytime.

Get you killed.


This is far from exhaustive and I haven't spent any more time thinking about any of this than it has taken me to type it so others may debate some of my points or add to my lists. Elaboration could certainly take place.


I've had some great instructors and some not so great. I'm getting back into the industry myself right now so I'm applying all this as I go shopping for someone to do some refresher and additional category and class training. Thus, I shall be most interested in what others have to say on this topic.


Very best,



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there are lots of good instructors out there chances are the school you looked at doesn't have a "bad" one. What you want to look for though is the best one for you. To find them you first need to work out what kind of student you are. What is your dominant learning style? (google learning styles there are all kinds of online tests and explanations) Beyond that I think attitude is important. Decide what attitude you want to fly with, do you want to be telling jokes and talking or are you all business? at least in the 300 you will be spending a lot of time going somewhere. Find an instructor you want to spend that time with. Another aspect you may want to look at that nobody mentioned to me when I was looking is are you morning people or late people? there is always an aircraft free at 5 or 6 am (also lower DA) but can you and your instructor get there in any kind of shape to fly?


I lucked out and found an instructor who I clicked with first try by simply asking our owner and office person who she would recommend for me.

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