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If I'm reading this right an A&P can submit it, but an IA must do the final sign off.



§ 65.81 General privileges and limitations.


(a) A certificated mechanic may perform or supervise the maintenance, preventive maintenance or alteration of an aircraft or appliance, or a part thereof, for which he is rated (but excluding major repairs to, and major alterations of, propellers, and any repair to, or alteration of, instruments), and may perform additional duties in accordance with §§65.85, 65.87, and 65.95. However, he may not supervise the maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alteration of, or approve and return to service, any aircraft or appliance, or part thereof, for which he is rated unless he has satisfactorily performed the work concerned at an earlier date. If he has not so performed that work at an earlier date, he may show his ability to do it by performing it to the satisfaction of the Administrator or under the direct supervision of a certificated and appropriately rated mechanic, or a certificated repairman, who has had previous experience in the specific operation concerned.



§ 65.95 Inspection authorization: Privileges and limitations.


(a) The holder of an inspection authorization may—


(1) Inspect and approve for return to service any aircraft or related part or appliance (except any aircraft maintained in accordance with a continuous airworthiness program under part 121 of this chapter) after a major repair or major alteration to it in accordance with part 43 [New] of this chapter, if the work was done in accordance with technical data approved by the Administrator; and

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NO, an A&P cannot submit a 337 by himself. An A&P can do the work and sign the conformity statement on the 337 but an IA or other approved entity must sign the return to service.


"an A&P cannot submit a 337 by himself"


we'll have to see if A/P was refering to the initial paperwork or the final sign off.

not trying to start an arguement here but to submit the initial 337 design of a repair or alteration does appear to be able to be done by an A&P per the regs BUT must be signed off by an IA or an autherized entity


I don't have a current repair and alt reference book in front of me so I to am implying the same ?

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Can an A&P submit 337 without an I/A signature?


of korse ! <_<


but, if block 7 (the approval for return to service), is not signed by "someone" ( an FAA flight standards inspector, a FAA designee, manufacturer, repair station, an IA, person approved by Transport Canada Airworthiness Group, OR "other"--(specify) ). As soon as the FAA gets its copy of the 337 sent in by the "agency" ( a&p mechanic, foreign mechanic, repair station, or manufacturer), you can bet your boots that you will be receiving a phone call ! :o





wow ! you can submit 337's online now? -----well then, instead of phone call, you may also get an email from our FriendlyAviationAssociates

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