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FAR Changes

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See attachment.


PPL Solo XC to 100nm

5 hrs of sim inst allowed for CPL

CPL XC may be logged either VFR or IFR

CPL Solo may now be dual

XC requirements changed from 'at least' to 'more than'


Those are the main ones that popped out at me.


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See attachment.


Wow, thanks for posting this. I had heard changes were in the pipeline, but these are a lot of items for any one year. Lots of little nuances that have been in the code for years that are finally being addressed.



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Thank you so much for posting this!


Any idea if these changes will be incorporated into the printed 2010 FAR/AIM or is that asking for too much...


Happy reading everyone!


It appears that it won't be in the 2010 FAR/AIM book by ASA, due to the fact that these new rules are effective Oct 20, 2009, and the ASA book appears to cover only changes up to August 27 2009(http://www.asa2fly.com/2010-FARAIM-P1278_product1.aspx)

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Sweet. I'm going to add the change for part 91 re: the requirement for an operational radar altimeter for NVG ops to my stump the chump arsenal.



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Why is the requirement of part 61 for XC lower than the Part 141?

Change 53 seems to just change part of 61.109, c 4 ii , the straight-line distance from "at least" to "more than" with the total still 75 Nm miles of XC in the flight.

Change 91 deals with Part 141, Appx. B. para. 5©(1) changing it from 50 to at least 100 Nm with one segment "more than" 25 Nm.

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Can someone correct me if I'm wrong? Does this mean I can count my 2 hour, 50nm cross country I did for my instrument under the hood as the day CPL XC? And since VFR can now be IFR and solo can now be dual, I don't have to do the same thing solo.

Does it also mean I can now do my 5 hours of night (Solo) time with the instructor on board? And 2 hours of that time can be knocking off the 50nm 2 hour night XC.


If this is the case then I would only need the 5 hours of night time to have all my CPL requirements completed. I already have the 100 PIC and my instrument. I don't know, this sounds to good to be true. Obviously I would have to get all maneuvers to CPL standard, but it would be great to have all the requirements out of the way. Thanks, DG

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