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Hello everyone, first time poster here. I will be starting my flight training with Bristow as soon as they have a class opening which is looking like the end of this year. My question is I have been flying a friend of the familes Rotorway for over a two years now and have put almost 240 hours in on that bird. Could I/should I put that time on my resume? Or would I be laughed at?

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my first question would be.... did you have a license when you obtained the rotorway time?

If so... absolutely put it down

If not... was it flight instruction? Were you just flying around with the owner?


If the time was obtained legally and you're able to log it.. it doesn't matter what helicopter it was flown in and I don't think anybody will laugh at 240 hours in a rotorway... it is a decent small helicopter and 240 hours in it is nothing to laugh at.... good experience.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I Would say the first 40-50 hours was me being taught how to fly it. The rest of the time was us having fun. I like the little bird. he would let me fly almost any time I wanted, all I have to do is bring 10 gallons of prem unleaded and we are ready to rock and roll

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It comes down if the guy was a [current] Certified Flight Instructor. If he was, you can log it.


If he was not a CFI, you cannot log it no matter how much you flew. He may have taught you to fly it, but it was not loggable "instruction" in the eyes of the FAA and aviation community.


If it was legal time, log it in a seperate book, and have the instructor sign it. Save it in a safe place and use it later one when you need to meet a minimum hour reuqirement. Bristow is a Pt.141 program, so you have to go through their approved program and do their hours. That time won't mean anything to them, so don't even bring it up. Later on, when you filling out job apps, you can tack on that 50 hrs of time (and show the extra log book if you ever have to.)

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