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Riding to School in Style

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Hughes 300?? Hah!


There is a wealthy gent who sends his VIP S92 from Teterboro to his home on Long Island to collect his kids and fly them to school in NY, twice a day.


And you gotta see the inside of this machine, all polished wood and brass and leather and flat-screens and a stand-up restroom and all.

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Looks like he was legal and they can't do anything.



Yeah, legal with the FAA.


But, if the town has a law against it, or wants to push some "child endangerment" issue, they can. If they didn't have the law, they will soon, which ruins it for everyone else.


We have 6 municipalities in St. Louis where it is illegal to land a helicopter without the board or alterman's permission. All of which were caused by some idiot like this that went in and landed without the land owner's permission and upset them.


Just get the land owner's permission first. And if it's somewhere that's going to get a lot of attention you better notify the neighbors and make sure they're cool with it (i.e. disturbing the peace)


I used to use the R22 & R44 to commute to school, pick my girlfriend (now wife) up from her house, go out to dinner, run errands, etc. I had the cops called on me a few times over the course of 5 yrs and hundreds of flights, but in each case I said it was private property and I had the land owner's blessing. Usually the reponse was, "Cool!! Can we go look at the helicopter?"

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