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Robinson Factory Safety Class


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Tim (Tucker) does provide out of country safety courses - not sure if they are Robinson sanctioned...bot if you want anyone to instruct the course, it's him.



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Only Kookifornia I believe...


I like the new name! Peoples Republic of Kookifornia..... If it isnt a fruit, or nut.. its a flake!


(As a Kookifornia resident and native, I reserve the right to dis mah state!)

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Darren, you are talking out of your arse, but you are right....there are Safety Courses in Europe. What are you still doing in my country you crazy bastard! I know, American beer is better and so are our women...How is the JAA coming?


Ok I'll agree with you on the women side of things, but the beer is another story!!! I'm still instructing as always, flying a few tours and photo flights. You get into the aviation unit yet? How's the Mini Me?



Would appreciate it if they came over to the other coast once....Cost more for flight, hotel, etc than the course.


Yeah, but you get to go to California!! ;)

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