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Are there any Age Limitations for starting a Career as a Pilot?


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Hello Everyone,

I have wanted to fly for most of my life but as life would have it, it has taken until now, age 41 for me to be able to either afford or make the decision about making the ultimate career move.


I do already have my Private Helicopter License that I received two years ago and I also have my A&P license that I received 15 years ago with not any recent mechanic work in that time really but I was a helicopter crew chief in the Army way back when.


I realise that there are the issues of gaining hours usually as a CFI first to the magic number before getting that commercial job but that's when I start to wonder if I would then have the opportunity to be employable or hired by some company by the time I get those hours knowing the time it would take and the age I am starting?


If anyone has any good wisdom in this area it would be greatly appreciated.



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I came to my present situation at the age of 52, 8 years ago. There are some older than I here, and a fair few 20+ years younger, but most of our pilots seem to be 40+. So far, so good...

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I trained up a sixty-five year old. He was really good. No problems. Except his CB jargon. He would INSIST on calling Tower "his good buddy". If somebody called entering the pattern:


"Come back the breaker...?" :(

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I am not that old.....but OMG did I get ribbed for 10-4 to KBOI tower one day.... By them, another pilot, and my CFI....then by several at the school who heard about it.... Lol was all good though!

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