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AFAST vs the study guide ARCO

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I am taking the AFAST on 16 September and I have been studying everyday. I got the complex movement, instrument comprehension, and helicopter knowledge down pretty good. I think that I am having a little trouble on the cyclic orientation and mechanical function. Any tips...


Also how different or similar is the ARCO practice test to the real AFAST...Thanks


I think my nervousness is going to kill on test. Trying to get rid of it by being prepared..

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The study guide is pretty similar to what you're going to see.


If I were you, I would be worried about the personal questions they ask you that say they don't count but really do.

bah..I'm kidding.


Just keep looking at that guide and you'll do fine. Remember to answer the ones you know first...it'll help that confidence.

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i know that the complex movement and the instrument comprehension will be very similiar..

What about the mechanic and helicopter part? I mean are any of the question the same. What should i focus more on for the helicopter knowledge.

Also are the pictures on the actual test much clearer than the study guide? (instrument comprehension and cyclic orientation) Thanks

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From what I remember... ( I did the test in 2002 ) They were pretty much the same. Maybe worded a bit different, but you'll be able to identify them.


And yes, the pictures are clearer, but not much, but you'll be able to read the numbers better on the instruments and see the relative horizon better as well.

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Thanks. Then I shouldnt have any problem. I think i have mastered the complex movement and the instrument comprehension. I read the FAA rotocraft handbook. I understand alot about helicopter now so i feel confident for the helicopter knowledge part. Still a little worried about the mechanical part and the cyclic orientation. Taking the practice test every night unitl the 16sept. I hope my hard work pays off...

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