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WO Duties

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Was wondering if anyone could offer some insight into the other duties of a warrant officer. Obviously you can expect at least some flying but what else do they make you do? What do the, "officer," duties entail? Do you lead others?


I am trying to get my head around how the military works and decide if this is something I want to shoot for since it is such a big decision (I know it is probably extremely competitive to get in right now). It is my understanding so far that after flight training you will be assigned a unit, that unit has a post somewhere in the US or abroad. You go and live there with your unit and do your daily operations (which could be what?). Your unit may be deployed to fight in which case you go with them for however long they are deployed. Someone tell me if that sounds accurate.


Also, if you do get accepted, do you attend WOCS with all other candidates including those destined for other WO jobs besides flying, or do you go to a different school that combines WOCS and Flight training?


Thanks all, BTW I spoke with a recruiter recently, he wasn't very knowledgeable about the process and gave me false info so I ask a lot of questions here to double check.

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Aside from flying, you can expect to plan missions, do minor bitch work ; Take trash out, stock fridge, etc (at least when you get to your first unit, and as long as you are still part of the group of junior guys for awhile), conduct 24 hour supervisor duty (though most of the time, the Officer leaves, and the NCO remains in charge, and this duty is once in awhile), have at least 1 duty assigned in the Company (weather its taking care of night vision goggles, arms room and weapons, chemical gear, etc), and aside from that, just hanging around work, and a lot of times if there isn't anything going on, half of you guys go home. You got nothing to worry about as a WO. You guys have it entirely TOO easy.

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Overall you have a good, general understanding. The posts above definitely cover what extra duties you may have. Going through flight school gives everyone the same training on their specific aircraft, so there's a lot to learn about your unit's mission after you get there(Air assault, MEDEVAC, etc). This time, you're flying with your unit's IPs and working on what's called RL progression. The ultimate goal is to become a PC, Pilot in command. After that milestone is reached then you work towards "tracking", to become an Instructor Pilot, Maintenance Test Pilot, etc.

You do attend WOCS with other candidates that are non-aviation. Usually there's a lot more aviator candidates though. WOCS definitely isn't specific to aviation, and it's concentrated more on being an officer, than an army aviator.

Being a Warrant is the way to go if you're passionate about flying. Commissioned officers end up with command responsibilities(being a platoon leader, company commander, etc.) and it takes away from their flying time. I give 'em a lot of credit, as they have to work extra hard to maintain their piloting skills and knowledge of aicraft limitations and emergency procedures with less time spent in the cockpit.

I'm not surprised to hear the recruiter is clueless, it seems to be a common trend. You've got a number of great sources in this forum, especially people who went through the process not to long ago and are at rucker now, going through the training. Keep those questions coming and make sure you let us know what the recruiter is saying so it can be set straight.

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