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Want a foot in the door with Tour, Oil, Utility, or EMS Operators?

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Are you transitioning from being a CFII to Tours or Offshore Oil? How about from Tours and Oil to EMS or Utility flying? Perhaps you are leaving the Military for the Civilian flying ranks?


Here is your chance to learn from and meet THE hiring authorities from some of the largest helicopter operators in world. The people who do the HIRING and TRAINING of pilots will not only tell you exactly what they want in a new hire, they will be there to personally meet with you over a period of two days.


You can continue to be just another resume in an inbox.....OR......you can establish a personal, face to face connection. Listen to their presentations, spend time with them, eat lunch with them at our luncheon. In the helicopter industry, it's those personal connections that will open doors to future opportunities. The saying "it's who you know and not what you know" couldn't be more true than in the helicopter industry.


The helicopter labor and job markets are tight and very competitive right now. If you want new opportunity, you must turn over every stone, jam a foot in every cracked door, and think of every angle that will allow you to NETWORK. Shaking hands opens doors, emails do not!


So join us at our 2nd annual Career Development Seminar and Networking Event on October 18 & 19, 2009 in Las Vegas at the Riviera Resort and Conference Center.

Highlights include:


FREE Resume Ebook

FREE Luncheon

Training Scholarship $$ Giveaway




Lyn Burks - Veteran Helicopter Pilot, ATP/CFII, Helicopter Industry Recruiter, Owner/Developer of Justhelicopters.com, Verticalreference.com, Justhelicopters.TV, Helicoptersalaries.com.


Randy Rowles, MBA – Pilot Examiner, ATP, Gold Seal CFII, Master CFI, VP

Business Development / Night Flight Concepts.


Jim Palmer – Thirty plus years experience in the helicopter aviation industry in the Gulf of Mexico; Human Resources Representative and Pilot Recruiter; currently employed as Asst. Manager of Human Resources with the Bristow Group’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit, one of the largest helicopter operators in the world. Mr. Palmer also worked for Petroleum Helicopters (PHI).


Chris Bassett - Veteran Helicopter Pilot & Chief Pilot of Air Methods Corporation. Air Methods is the World's largest Air Ambulance Operator.


Mike Johns - Veteran Helicopter Pilot with 36 years and 14,000 hours experience. Certified FAA Air Traffic Controller, Retired Master Army Aviator. Presently the Chief Pilot for Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, Southern NV Division. Papillon Helicopters is the World's largest Helicopter Tour Operator.


Barry Lloyd– Forty-four year veteran helicopter pilot with experience in both civilian and military operations. USFS/CDF fire carded pilot for over 33 years. Certified Accident Investigator. Presently an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and Chief Pilot for Redding Air Service, as well as Training Pilot and Part 135 Check Airman for several helicopter operators.


Heidi Ames - Pilot Hiring Manager for Med-Trans Corporation, a Nationwide Part 135 EMS Operator. Master Army Aviator with 18 years civilian and military experience. Regional Aviation Manager, Check Airman and Day, Night, NVG Instructor Pilot.


Larry Karpman - Human Resources/Recruitment, Flight Safety International. Since founded in 1951 Flight Safety Intl. has grown to become the worlds largest civilian aviation training company.


Other Helicopter Operators will be present as well.


This is NOT an open event. Space will be limited. To learn more about the event CLICK HERE.

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