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Pilot needed in Portland

West Coaster

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Found this in a Canadian pilot forum, so thought I'd bring it on over to where the American pilots play. Release the hounds!



Headquartered in Portland, OR, we are the Bonneville Power Administration (best known as BPA). We've been providing over a third of the electricity consumed in the Pacific Northwest for more than 70 years operating an extensive electricity transmission system and marketing wholesale electrical power at cost from federal dams, one non-federal nuclear plant and other nonfederal hydroelectric and wind energy generation facilities. While we take pride in helping to "keep the lights on" we also fund and manage one of the largest fish and wildlife programs in the world; invest in new renewable generating resources such as wind and geothermal projects; and are proud to be a leading partner in the design and implementation of energy efficiency programs.


How are we able to accomplish so much? It's simple - our people! Not only is our work diverse but so are our employees who excel in a challenging work environment, where career opportunities and development are encouraged and achieved. We enjoy a range of competitive benefits including flexible work schedules, generous leave, secure retirement, and much more. And the best part of all, our employees know they make a difference every day providing a critical service to the public while they get to work, live, and play in the great Pacific Northwest! You can learn more about BPA at www.bpa.gov.




Join us in an exciting opportunity to create strategic and innovative solutions that facilitate the achievement of critical business objectives and improved organizational effectiveness. In the role as a Helicopter Pilot within Aircraft Services of the Bonneville Power Administration, you will perform pilot-in-command duties in a BPA turbine-powered aircraft (Bell models 206BIII, 206L3, 206L4 and/or 407).


You will perform duties as Pilot under 14 CFR Parts 91, 133, and 135 programs. As pilot you will be working with a mission crew (pilot, lineman and/or mission equipment operator) and performing aerial patrols of transmission power lines (routine, detailed, and emergency outage response), aerial photography (infrared, video, etc.), aerial surveys (fish and wildlife, right-of-way, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)), and transportation. In addition, as a BPA helicopter pilot you will be called upon to conduct Class B and/or Class C rotorcraft external load combinations using vertical reference long line techniques and practices in support of transmission line repairs. As a BPA pilot you will need to effectively and efficiently work in a crew environment where maintaining pilot and mission crew coordination, communications and situational awareness are key to safely operating in the wire environment.


You will also make sole determinations as pilot during flight regarding any deviation of route for efficient and safe operations; interpret weather reports from the FAA and other sources to determine altitude and route to fly for VFR flight plans; and file flight plans in accordance with Aircraft Services Part 135 General Operations Manual or the Federal Aviation Administration.


Aircraft Services provides both fixed wing and helicopter services in support of BPA, as well as oversight responsibility for any contractor aviation services providing direct support of BPA activities. These contractor services could include using helicopters to string conductor/insulators, brush removal, etc.; to providing additional fixed wing support. While most flights are within the Pacific Northwest, there are a number of flights into Canada and other parts of the U.S. Both the helicopter and airplanes are operated, maintained and the pilots are trained in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135.




At a minimum, applicants must have:



1. A commercial Pilot certificate with a rotorcraft category and helicopter class and Instrument ratings or an unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot certificate with rotorcraft category and helicopter class ratings;


2. A 1st or 2nd class FAA medical certificate;


3. A minimum of 150 flight hours as pilot-in-command of turbine powered helicopters in the last 12-months;


4. Been assigned as a pilot-in-command under a FAA part 135 and 133 operation within the previous two years;


5. Two years flight experience as pilot-in-command in support of the utility industry; or


6. Three years of low-level flight activities (survey, photo, seismic, etc.) in single engine turbine helicopters in mountainous terrain; and


7. Have or has held a FAA Part 133 pilot certification to conduct Class A, B, and C rotorcraft load combinations; and


8. Had no pilot-error aircraft accidents or FAA violations in the previous 5 years.


In addition, applicants must have flown aircraft such as:


• § Bell model 407

• § Bell model 206B series

• § Bell model 206L series

• § McDonnell Douglas models 369 series

• § McDonnell Douglas models 500N, 600, or 900

• § Eurocopter models 350 or 355,

• § Military variants of the Bell such as OH-58A, B, or D, AH-1, etc


In addition to meeting the selective placement factors above, applicants must have met the following specialized experience requirements:


Specialized Experience piloting small turbine-powered helicopter; with the following hours of flying time:


Total Helicopter Flying Time 2500 hours, which includes all of the following:


• Last 12 months 150 hours

• Pilot-In-Command 1500 hours

• Actual Instrument Flight Rule 100 hours

• Night Flying 100 hours

• Rotorcraft External Load vertical reference long line operations including B and/or C combination loads 500 hours

• 3 years minimum experience with a Part 135 Air Carrier and Part 133 Operator as Pilot-in-command

• 3 years minimum operational experience in support of the utility industry or 3 years of low-level flight activities (survey, photo, seismic, LIDAR, etc.) in single engine turbine helicopters in mountainous terrain





Please note that only complete applications will be considered. For very specific and detailed application instructions visit www.jobs.bpa.gov/job_search and click on Helicopter Pilot, Announcement #6843-09-DE.


You will initially be evaluated based solely on the written material you provide in your application. At a minimum, a complete application includes your resume, required certifications and your Knowledge, Skill, and Ability (KSAs) evaluation statement responses.


Applications will be accepted through 09/30/2009 from U.S. citizens only.


If you have any questions, please contact Chris, Assistant at 503-230-3302.





BPA was recently selected as one of the top companies and agencies in Oregon to receive the "Families in Good Company" award for demonstrating community leadership in assisting employees in balancing work and family responsibilities. Here are just a few examples of how we do it...

• Up to 13 days of vacation time to start

• Ten paid holidays per year

• Unlimited sick leave accrual

• Affordable health insurance

• Life insurance provided

• Secure Retirement Program

• Long-Term Care Insurance

• Tax deferred, agency matching investment plan

• Complete on-the-job injury/illness coverage

• Family friendly leave

• Voluntary leave donation/recipient program

• Employee Referral Program

• Federal Credit Union

Fitness on-site and/or reimbursement program

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