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Flight Schools in Texas

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Not to hijack this thread, but in addition, if anyone knows of any good schools in the San Antonio area and a brief review, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Good luck. I’m still looking for a place to finish my CFI in the San Antonio area. Of course, that is a place that trains in a Schweizer 300C.

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The Houston area has quite a few schools.


Rotor Envy-Robinson

Gulf Coast Helicopters- Schweizer

Helicopter Academy-Robinson

Salaika Aviation-Enstrom

Ascent Aviation-Hiller

Anythings Possible Aviation-Robinson

Helicopter Services-Robinson


Apex Helicopters-Robinson


ummm..... man, can't remember if thats all, whew..


I have flown with Anythings Possible Av, David is a nice guy.

I have done most of my training with Helicopter Serv, they are good too.


Helicopter Services is probably the largest school in Houston.

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