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I am offering R-22 time for $175 an hour. This is an all inclusive fee. The only possible extra fee is if we land at an airport that has a landing fee that is not waived or a ramp fee that is not waived. These fees are almost always waived at Class D and G, and some C airports. You can do any type of flying you want, night flying, long cross country, etc.... The only thing I do not allow (in most circumstances) is autos. It's just not worth the risk for me. You log the hours and fly where and when you want. I'm in Cleveland Ohio, but will be in South Florida for the winter. This program is tailored toward timebuilders in the R-22. Minimum requirement is your private rating with the SFAR 73 endorsement. This is a perfect way to build toward your 150 hour mark for your commercial rating or for new CFIs trying to get to the 200-300 hour mark. I have a spot for for my annual flight to Florida from Cleveland, Ohio. This will be the first VFR weather immediately following Thanksgiving. Flight time is 15 hours, a liitle longer if we shoot for the coast around North Carolina and go south from there. Flight will be over 2 days unless we get grounded due to weather. Since I am making this flight regardless of a co-pilot/timebuilder, I am offering this spot to the high bidder. While in Florida, I will be exclusively available. In Ohio, I have to work around my flexible schedule. Check out my website at AppleHelicopters.com

My helicopter is fully insured-lability and hull, but I must always be in the helicopter. Therefore there is no solo or taking anyone else up. It's alway me and the timebuilder. You pay as you go. No money up front, so there is no risk. In Cleveland, you can stay with me for free. In Florida, it depends where I end up staying. For the flight down to Florida, I will be staying at a fully furnished time share resort for the first 1 or 2 weeks I'll be in Florida. You can stay with me there for free before your return flight home. Transportation to Cleveland and back to your home city is your responsibility, but remember, this opportunity goes to the high bid, even if it's just $75 an hour. The dates will be specific, so you can buy your ticket in advance and save. Last year I had a timebuilder fly with me from Cleveland to New York City. We flew all around Manhattan and up the Hudson river upstate. We did numerous off-airport landings into confined ares. It was a blast. In Florida, another timebuilder flew with me from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West. We spent a good part of the trip watching sharks, stingrays, eels, turtles, and other marine life in the very clear and shallow water along the way. There are numerous uninhabited islands along the way that we can make confined landings into. If this sounds like a fun and moneysaving way to build R-22 hours, please call me, and remember to check out my website at AppleHelicopters.com. Feel free to call me with any questions. I am commercial and instrument rated and I own the helicopter. I am not a CFI, but you can log the hours. I may have a CFI available to offer limited instruction and possibly give BFRs. Also, if you are a CFI and can bring me even 1 timebuilder, you may fly with the timebuilder after I have checked you out to my satisfaction. In this scenario I do not have to be in the helicopter. I still want $175 an hour, but anything over that amount that you can get the timebuilder to pay, you may keep. Example: You bring me a timebuilder and tell him it's $ 200 an hour, I take my $175 and you get $25. I cover gas, maintenance and insurance. I have no minimum hour requirement. As a CFI, I should be able to check you out in less than 2 hours. This you must pay for. Please call me with any questions at

216-526-1502. Paul

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It's agreat deal for that person who must pay $250 an hour through a school. Since the commercial checkride is basically the same as the private, just to a tighter standard, and I believe you only need 20 hours of instruction for your commercial, why not save a good amount of money and get some real cross country and night time and have a blast while you're doing it?

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That's a nice offer for 175$.......I paid 230-270/hr in a R22(VFR/IFR) back in 2006.


The best thing would be, if somebody offers his R22 for the same price all year long. A school would not do that but a private owner might be willing to.


Besides, there might be a guy posting here soon, that will offer a IFR 22 out of Florida or Cleveland for flight training or just XC-flights. You will decide where to go and what you want to do during your flight time.


It does not matter if your flight will be VFR / IFR(VMC)-training or just XC.


The price will be 150$ (incl cfii, fuel,heli)


Hopefully he will do it, that would be a huge help for students our there.




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There are no "ifs" here. I posted this ad and I stand behind it. Come to Cleveland or Florida and fly with me for $175 an hour inclusive. No minimum purchase and no money up front. Just pay as you go. Once again, check out my website-AppleHelicopters.com It is still going through some fine tuning, but all the info you need is there. Just call me for more info, and remember the great opportunity for a timebuilding flight from Cleveland to either Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale, right after Thanksgiving. I should know whether it's Orlando or Cleveland by the beginning of November. Since I am making the flight anyway, the empty seat will go to the high bidder, no matter how low the cost. You are responsible for your own transpoertation to Cleveland and then back from Florida. Even if this costs you $400, how much are you saving on a minimum 15 hour flight, if you get it for $100 an hour? You break even within 3 hours. Then you save $150 an hour for 12 hours. That's $1,800 in savings at a minimum and you get a great 1,000+ nautical mile cross country out of it and are welcome to stay with me at my resort for 1-2 weeks if you like, before returning to your final destination. Please call me if interested. I can give you phone numbers of former timebuilders that have flown with me. They all had great times. Paul 216-526-1502

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I flew with happyappy last fall including the flight from Cleveland to Manhattan and back. It was a great experience and allowed me to practise most of the CFI manuevers from the left seat. Well worth the time and money invested. I had planned to bring a timebuilder out to fly some more now that I have the CFI but unfortunately it fell through at the last minute.


Hope some others make use of this opportunity.

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