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WOFT Resume and Letter

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After offering in a post to email someone the resume and Letter that was used in my WOFT packet I got a number...of emails from people also wanting them. Just got home and its easier to post them here for everyone than to go back and find everyones email address. I dont think that this is inappropriate posting this as its my personal information and has been breifly edited for my own safety. Here it goes... if this is crossing the line in any way and is anything but helpful I apologize and let a moderator remove the posting. Here is the resume:






FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Helicopter Certificate & Instrument Rating

200 hrs Total Time Helicopter: 170 Robinson R-22, 25 hrs R-44, 5 hrs S-300cb.

Flight Weight 190lbs (Flight suit, headset), Age 26


Work Experience


2009 Davis Athletic Club Davis, CA

CrossFit Level I Trainer

Duties include teaching principles of functional training through the use of Olympic power lifts, gymnastics, and various forms of metabolic conditioning while emphasizing safety, nutrition and proper technique.


2008 Blue Sky Aviation, Inc. Tulare, CA

Helicopter Ground Instructor

Responsible for teaching students helicopter safety, orientation and ground lessons in a group and individual setting under FAA Part 141 curriculum in preparation for FAA oral and written exams.


2004 United States Forest Service Georgetown, CA

Wildland Firefighter/EMT

Duties included forest conservation, physical training, station maintenance, fire training, fire suppression, and medical emergency response as Lead EMT on an engine crew.




 Sierra College, Woodland College: 78.5 College Units, Average GPA 3.26

 Butte Fire Academy-Firefighter I Certificate May 2004

 Emergency Medical Technician since 2003

 Fluent in Spanish, Written and Spoken




Brandon XXXXXXX- Rotorcraft Leasing Co. XXXXXXXX



1180 Matmor Rd. #XXX Woodland, CA 95776 (XXXXXXX) HeliArthur@Hotmail.com

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Here is the "Why I Want To Be An Army Aviator" Letter:



Why I Want to be an Army Aviator


I have always known that I wanted to serve this great country but until I was in helicopter flight training I was never sure of the capacity in which I would do so. I believe that I am qualified and would be a successful Army Aviator for the following reasons: First, I currently hold an FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Helicopter certificate and am a helicopter pilot with experience in aviation. Second, I am a husband and father who has lived with the values, ideals and experience necessary for an Army Aviator. Finally, I am a proud American who is ready to dedicate my life to the Army in a career serving my country. I am asking for a chance to give the Army my full potential as a helicopter pilot, man, and American by serving my country with honor as an Army Aviator.

I would be a successful Army Aviator because of my proven aptitude for flying helicopters. I have dedicated months of my life and thousands of dollars to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be a professional aviator. Since the fall of 2007, I have logged approximately two hundred hours of flight time in three different models of helicopters. I have obtained an FAA Commercial Certificate as well as an Instrument Rating. In addition, I have an Advanced Ground Instructor rating and experience teaching lessons in Principles of Helicopter Flight, Safety, Weather, Navigation, Flight planning, Helicopter Systems, Regulations and much more.

My prior career choices and experiences demonstrate an ability to learn and apply what I have learned and most importantly my desire to serve. Since high school I have been successful in several trades including the Fire Service, Emergency Medicine, and Aviation. In 2003, I graduated from a twenty seven week intensive State Fire Marshall Fire Academy which tested me both physically and scholastically. I have also been a registered Emergency Medical Technician since 2003. I have experience under heavy physical demand both fighting wildland fires and responding to medical emergencies. I have also had a steady interest in college and plan on finishing my undergraduate degree in Aviation Administration. However, over the past 8 years my desire to join the Army has only grown. Now, I am a man with the maturity and perspective that life has given me. I am a husband and father who wants to teach by example the value of a prideful vocation using ones skills and talents in service of my fellow man.

Few people are afforded the opportunity to be an Army Aviator but I believe that my personality and qualifications are well suited for serving as one. As an American who has benefited greatly from this amazing country, I want to do my part to protect the rights and privileges that I believe in. The best way that I am capable of doing this is as an aviator. I am ready both physically and mentally to put my skills to their most honorable use. Give me this opportunity and I promise to give the Army all that I have in a rewarding career.

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The last part I got asked for a lot was my "qualifications"? Im guessing yall mean test scores and that sort of thing so here are all of those for you....not that I think that any of this should be used in comparison.


84 ASVAB...which doesnt matter really.

118 GT score

128 AFAST...not that great, the average for accepted apps is 131.

200 hrs TT helicopter

LOR's from my CFI, ex-UH-1 Army WO, 2 freinds from H.S.

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