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ASVAB Scores

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Hey all as you may have seen I am going to try to get into WOFT but I have a question about the ASVAB scores. As far as I understand I need to only be concerned with two scores for WOFT. Those would be the AFQT and the GT scores. From what I read both of those scores are compiled from the word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, and math knowledge sections of the exam.


Question is, if you do bad on the other 4 subtests (such as general science) is it going to hurt me, or will it not matter because the board only looks at AFQT and GT scores?

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If you do good on the GT part, the others won't be a problem. It's not a very hard test. I think you'll be mildly surprised when you see how easy it really is, that being said, don't take it lightly either.


Take a deep breath before starting and you'll be fine. Don't let one question detract you from the rest of the test.

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