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US Flight Schools near Montreal?

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Hi, I'm an American student currently going to school in Montreal who has a private pilot's certificate in helicopters from the FAA. I wanted to continue flying, but its almost twice as much per hour here than it was back in Pennsylvania! So I'm looking at perhaps making a commute across the border to continue flying.


I was wondering if there are any flight schools in Upstate New York? All I have found in the area is Mansfield Heliflight in Vermont. I was hoping for something a little closer to Montreal.

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Where are you at in Montreal? I am from Vermont and did my undergrad in Biochem at McGill! I think I remember hearing something about an Enstrom doing some training up there in NNY, but other than that the closest I know of is C-R Helicopters in Nashua, NH.....far.


Hopefully the Enstrom person will chime in!! I have a friend flying utility outside Albany, I will ask him if knows of anyone up that way and post back. Good luck in Montreal, I spent 6 great years up there...love it.



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north andover flight academy (boston area company) is opening a branch in alexandria bay, ny. you could take the 401 up the river, and cross over right in alex bay. it's a new op, so i'm not sure if they're up and running, yet.

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There used to be a couple in upstate ny but they were more near the syracuse area but I haven't heard anything from them in awhile. I thought I heard one of them had shut down. I do remember one was using a Bell 47G though.. lemme look for that info...


FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Highland Helicopters

Warners, NY 13164

(315) 427-0036

Bell 47G


Highpeaks Helicopters

Rome, NY 13441

(315) 868-4901

Schweizer 300CB


Like I said don't know if they are still in operation but it's a start for ya!

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