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Vision DQ

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I just came back from consulting the flight surgeon and he said I am DQed because my near vision is 20/30 and 20/25 but it’s corrected to 20/20 on both eyes (distant 20/20 on both eyes)... I called ft. rucker and they said I could put in an exception to policy if I don’t exceed 20/40 which I didn’t.


Is there anyone that in same boat? Requested and got the waiver approved?




Should I conduct another optometry test to make sure?

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Was the flight surgeon at MEPS? You need to print off a copy of the AR's and show him the regs. It is 20/50 correctable to 20/20. You cannot wear contacts to fly, unless you are an Apache pilot, in which they will allow you to for the HDU, but they'll give you the glasses. A lot of guys in my flight class wore glasses.


He sounds disgruntled and maybe he was DQ'd from flying at one point so he decided to be a doctor to ruin everybody else's life.


Don't take any sh*t from him, but be professional when you show him the regs. the Army Aviation Aeromedical School has a website. Just google it and they have the regs on there.

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Yes you are correct, however that is the standard for the distant vision 20/50 correctable to 20/20. But the standard for near vision is 20/20 uncorrected. If your near vision is not any worst than 20/40 you are within the limits to request for a waiver. But the flight surgeon has to put in the aeromedical summary, request a waiver or exception to policy.


I am stationed in germany.by the way..

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My fault, I didn't discern between the near and far part.


The only thing to do is put in the waiver. You'll never know if you don't even submit it. Look online or go talk to S-1 on how to formally write a correct medical waiver. Then take it over to one of the admin guys at the hospital and let them look it over.

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Where are you in Germany? I was told by 3 docs in Iraq that I would never fly an Army helicopter. While I was on R&R I spent 3 days at Ft Rucker, 1 day just sitting in the sick call line till they closed for the day! Finally on the second day I found someone to help me.

Don't let anyone tell you no. If you don't qualify for a waiver, request an exception to policy. The way it was explained to me, was waivers are granted at Rucker, Exceptions to policy are granted at DOD.

Good luck.

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I request an ETP an it got approved by Rucker....


Good to hear! I may require an ETP because my pre-op vision is hovering (no pun intended...) around -6.00 diopters, right at the "acceptable" limit.

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