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Hello everyone , my name is john and I wanted to look at the other side of the coin .. i know everyone on here ( and mostly myself lol ) is look on how to do flight training the safest and the LOWEST cost ..well im interested in seeing what is possible if say you had unlimited funds .. not a loan or not even a few grand saved up and not even training in the military ... So what do yall think you could do ... contract with military or buy a helo and a private instructor or all factory training ..?? lets all just dream here!!

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Ahh....gotta love those rainy days when the only thing you can fly is the couch.


I would buy a huge sail boat to live off and then by a sea plane (Grumman Goose) and (also) a Bell 222, but I would outfit it like Airwolf and hire myself out as a merc.

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I'd pay for all my certifications and buy a fleet of military helicopters - UH60 and OH-58 mainly. Then I'd buy a fleet of civilian choppers, and teach kids to fly them. No charge, I'm rich, remember? I'd also do as many SAR missions as humanly possible free of charge. I like R22butter's idea - get a chopper, fly it around the world. Throw a ton of money into Research and Design to make them safer, throw some money into the industry so schoolhouses don't collapse because of the economy. Uh what else. Oh yes, and world peace.

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Oh yes, and world peace.


Are you in a bikini with flowers in your hand standing in front of a mic just then????


Personally, I love everything about the 412EP but I think I would rather have a AW109 or 119. What fast sleek looking ships those two are.



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