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I thought it might be a good idea for a few of you, that wish too, just fill us in on your success story and how you got there… I am like a lot of other young pilots or should I say CFI’s that are just hoping for that first big break. I am and try to always stay positive with everything I do. With having completed my training four months ago and having two jobs fall through due to the economy I’m having a little rough time staying positive.


I know that there are a lot of you worse off than me ( I really feel for all you SSH guys), but that’s not what I’m getting after. I would love to just hear how you started off and how you got to where you are now. Preferable pilots newer to the industry… I think it would give all of us a little inspiration in a rough time.


If anyone knows of any CFII openings or of places looking to hire(looking somewhere out west but interested in anything of the sort) please let me know. Maybe give it a post so that all of us can have a shot…


Thanks guys!! and gals !!

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Great idea.


I'm not yet in your same boat, my private pilot check ride is next week, but I find it hard not to get stressed out as I pour money into this career endeavor knowing that there are plenty of other students at my school hoping to get a CFI slot that may or may not be available.


I haven't seen many students starting and yet there are current CFI's who still have plenty of hours to go before being able to move on.


I look forward to reading the upcoming responses...

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