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NEW Design SA-315B LAMA

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Got my WINGS & TAG on heli !

Lt.Cmdr. SW. "LAMAHORSE" he,he :lol:

Of the LAMA SA-315B (SE) CCG SAR Mission Leader Helicopter Unit

Radio Control Electric converted Helicopter Scale LAMA New Design Project.


For this year,


"40th Anniversary" of the Aerospaciale LAMA SA-315B


I decided to make a complet (MAKE OVER) on this flying Rc HIROBO Electric converted machine helicopter from a Aerospaciale replica.


With all respect I've replicate this NEW design LAMA & got inspired from the wonderfull real full size flying machine it self. I felt for it, after seen on visual via YouTube those LAMA from Swiss country with their flying performance.


First thing I notice was the sound that turbine was making. It cut me hard and felt to see more video's that could be found in the Europe regions. Got to see many LAMA going up and down the hill and posing their LAMA at edges of mountain peak, and very close to DANGER event. But with such agile pilot doing all the right movements to handle this LAMA like a ladie was a ball to watch.




So then decide to order a HIROBO LAMA scale rotorhead kit and to start a new design for this year

40th anniversary of this LAMA SA-315B helicopter.


Started project in Nov 2008.


Product: LAMA SA-315B HIROBO Scale MRB-III rotorHead system

Flying weight : 10.5 Lbs


MRB-III RotorHead scale 3 Blader

Batt EVO 6s1p 4900 mah

Phoenix HV85 ESC

Motor Scorpion HK-4020-910Kv

Castle Bee 10amp on separate battery


Radio use as transmiter:


JR X 9303

9 Channel Computer Radio

System with Specktrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology


For me,

It was a return in the Rc hobby after 20 years absence. Was in for 7 years in Rc planes befort and did want something new to my knowledges to build with all that new technology around.


After seeing the full size LAMA doing all the duty use for this machine,,, and loved the turbine sound of it,,, decide to go for it and on the way,, met a great man, and builder, and flyer scale instructor guy that became my best buddy. He supported me in all my doing,, & to keep me focus on the good things for that new LAMA look. But he never did try to change what ever I try on the LAMA while designing and testing parts add-on's of all sort's.


For the all electronic's and flying power system,, my buddy did supervise all purchases,,, and put it all together for me. The test pilot is my buddy and he did a wonderfull job on the setting and ajusting. A master in those precises helicopter scale. I was in good hand indeed, and shure did appreciated at best and gratitude him alote.


He also made some part's like the wires cutters and other supported scale making.


After a year on the making and finding the right system's to be converted electric's

This New Look design LAMA is having a great popularity result with the public till now.


I do much appreciate this ,, and my buddy who as work hard on the engineering making mechanic fit system's together for the best result as possible to be flying scale procedures flights missions.


The result speak by it self !


First time for my self flying a Rc helicopter ever, but what a instructor I've got,,, the best to learn from. No stabilisation system use on the Scale MRB III Rotorhead 3 blader LAMA for me to fly..

Did over a year on flight SIM at many type helicopters. That did help alote ...


Superb machine to own and fly ...


On my 65 mins hovering now :


Wind correcting, flight path hovering approach on helipad,

stabilisation exercises, side ways travel, with rudder varieties in degrees angles procedures opposite direction, backward flying, and so much more. At the moment I try the LAMA at varieties of angles and altitude in front and side of me. Not into foward flight yet, just a fiew feets I do go foward. Should be getting close to acheive them,, but shure not in a rush,, and remaining on hovering and travel till I feel comfortable anought to go forward flight and return towards me.


But all is coming along fine with the training,,, even flew the LAMA on her own private heliport

in our back yard. The last flight was in some strong wind for hovering,,, first time for me in that kind of wind,,, but my mentor master builder and scale flyer instructor on helicopter Rc was confident in my knowledges to handle it fine. So it when fine in that strong wint at home,,, and feeling much better knowing I can't handle that kind of wind if needed.


More will come on some other time...





Heliport Zermatt:







Today Photography made by my buddy scale flying instructor.

Thanks Buddy for those wonderfull pictures !


Enjoy Mates!



The LAMA SA-315B Mission HeadLeader Officer










Edited by LAMAHORSE / SA-315B
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Wow, you have really done a lot of work to make that bird scale.


it looks good. hope you have a lot of fun flights with it.

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Thanks for your supported comments Buddies and

towards what I have acheived on the New Design LAMA SA-315B (SE) CCG SAR.


Knew it would make some peoples happy on that LAMA final result, or almost finsih product.

Remain to be add will be the tail rotor scale 3 blader and the lights system with all lights and strobes and even interior instruments panel light.


The all interior is done as a scale working office.

Soon a full lens photoshooting will be done on a water front water canal environement.

Will make her look even more scale.


At the moment I am at making very small detail's and creating them for my helicopter.

All is coming along very well and fine till now. I have also created the full serunding set devises since last year and to make my LAMA more appealling and close to real life helicopter while be in their hangar or helipad environement. Will link photo albums soon of all those devises I have made for my LAMA since past year on the making.


This LAMA will fly in the winter also with all the snow band serunding her own private small heliport

and located in my backyeard estate and facing a 1/2 miles flying free zone to enjoy.


Keep those comments coming,,, that is a reward for any that have done such project !


Follow photos by me.

Enjoy theses photos for now Buddies

more will come soon...

















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  • 1 month later...



it as been over a month I have'nt flown the LAMA.

Fall season is kind of a busy season here. As we have to

prepare for winter and closing and fixing at the ranch and at the house estate were on the schedules for me.


Even my XMAS lights are up and ready,,, he,he...



it should be a wonderfull fall day and we decide my buddy Paul and I

to have a flight day at my home LAMA base together, as it will be Paul day OFF. Paul should have on hand the new 500 size heli he as got lately and I should be flying the LAMA.


Our backyard field of 1/2 miles flying zone is free of the corn that the farmer as done. He as cut it all and now we have plenty of space to fly with.


I guess there will be photos of that day, and later should upload them to see. The man deserve that,, as I have been waiting for that wonderfull day to come my way for weeks of bad weather and wind.

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Was such a great late fall day ,,,


That my buddy mentor and I join at my place to fly our helicopters. After not flying for the last 6 weeks as bad weather was a issue here. Man what a wonderfull day it was. A breeze and the sun was so warm after a long periode of rain falling & windy day's and weeks of that crap.


So my buddy showed up around 10am, and we decide to be outside next to my LAMA home base facilities

with table and chairs. We then hit the blue sky on eachone schedule, one after the other. Superb!


My friend next door, The farmer man person,, well he was cutting all the corn at the far end of our field with his brothers,,, and was coming back with his big tractor and stop not far away from us to watch those helicopters that he never saw flying in his life from close. He was amaze I'm pretty shure,,, I'm shure he as alote of questions to ask me about them next time I'll see him,,, he,he...


We wave at eachother and he left for lunch time.

Then my mentor and I when to A&W to get our self a great outside lunch to enjoy with that superb sunny day.


Their will be more of that in the near future befort the snow hit I guess.

Depend on our schedules and sunny day open for that.



Here are some,

photography from that sortie mission

on that wonderfull late fall day at my private homebase facilities!




taking off from her homebase helipad:















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Those are really good pics, you did a great Job building that Helicopter and detailing it.


the in flight photos really look like the real thing.

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Thanks Bud,


We really enjoy doing photography of our helicopters my mentor and I.

We are both very lucky to have eachother to do wonderfull photography while one of us

is flying his proper helicopter.


I've Been on the independent Film industry as Director of Photography & Film Director-Producer for a while now as career. That is why the photography work plates I do are the quality they have been shown for the past fiew years on forums.


Working my way in the aviation sector since a fiew years with that career now.

I most say that I have a pretty good responce for my work in that industry.

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change of schedule,



got a call assignment to duty at the City Town water canal location in the afternoon,

while the bridge over river and tunnel under canal is been construct for the autoroute.


The day was not such a nice day to do photoshooting as no sun was to be seen. So it was a go for a photoshooting session with contrast imagery process. As I was to be going to the light house for a photoshoot that day, I decide to make it to the hystorical canal instead. It was cold a little, but manage with great coffee that I have made my self to keep me warm ...


Will upload the photography plates in some up ahead time.




On duty assignment at the old hystorical City Town canal location:




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The LAMA SA-315B 40th Anniversary photoshoot,


needed to be at a hystorical site with a great old serunding to make the LAMA feel at home.

The contrast process photography was the target that day ...


There is also a nice asphalt helipad & frame with steel structure where the LAMA is posing

on the following photography. That got me thinking ...



LAMASA-315B @ City Town Water Canal for Duty Assignment SHOT ON SITE Copyrights ©2009:
















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